Breaking the stereotypes

Computer Science is a field of knowledge often affected by not so good stereotypes.

The world had mistaken all computer scientists as awkwardly social, incapable of having fun or establishing healthy relationships, and  those who usually look band and wear ridiculous outfits.

Do you see all those video games, the movies, and even those cool gadgets on your computers and your smartphone. Boring people would never come up with something like that, don’t you think so?

We, computer scientist are devoted to intellectual progress, we believe that we can help the world to become a better place providing technological solutions to simple problems. And hey! we also make those cool productivity killer applications.

Think about that! and thank the computer scientist near to you for choosing on beating the system and the stereotypes and embracing this wonderful adventure where imagination nor technology are a  limit, just something more we need to build!

I am a proud computer scientist, trying to change the world’s perspective about us. One video, one post, one step at the time.

This video is in Spanish, It was recorded to promote the Computer Engineering program in my home University. Captions in English are available on the video for those who require it.


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