Getting things done!

1367295510_TodoIf you want to succeed in anything you are intended to, you just need to make it a priority. In my case, getting things done is a huge step in success.

Doing the thing you are suppose to do, not only encourages you to keep moving, but other will respect you and look up to you by someone who they can rely on, and can look up.

How sad is to look back and see all those unfinished projects? So, here is a list of  “my way to do it” that can help you if it suits you.

1. Breaking down my goals

 I like the idea of problem solving in engineering and I apply it to everything. I simply breakdown my goals into simpler and smaller goals that I can achieve in the short time and I can easily measure. In that way, every time i finish something I can say how close I am to get my ultimate goal. Most importantly, helps me to plan the time I need to getting it done.

2. Splitting enough but fair time

I find important to identify my productive time. I know that in the mornings I am very productive on those brain-consuming goals, and after lunch I just can’t. So I leave for that time after lunch simpler and operative tasks that don’t require too much of my brain. Also, I work in slots of two hours maximum. After that I try to switch my task. At the beginning is very hard to move from one task to another, but then, I realized that I was more creative changing subjects that being stuck in the same one for hours.

Sometimes is not possible, because for some tasks you need to keep going if you feel inspired, and as I am the master of my time and my goals and adapt my time as it is needed.

3. Scheduling

Once a week (trying to do it in the same day every week) I plan all my goals of the week and dedicate this slots and expected achievements per day and per week. Scheduling helped me to avoid overworking. For someone like me that does many different thins is very important to really know what I am actually doing. That had save my butt many times when someone comes up with a great idea but I just don’t have time. Scheduling allows a view of what you are doing and trust me, it will help you to avoid (and argument) more work that the one you can hold.

4. Free time

I do not permit all my time to be my work or my study. In fact, I schedule my tasks in such a way that I don’t have to work at nights or on weekends. My most valuable outcome is that I can have free time if I work efficiently in the time I am suppose to. But in my case, to be productive, I know that twice in the day in the middle of my schedule I allow myself some distractions. That is also free time.

5. Weekly summary of achievements

There is nothing more frustrating at the end of the week that  being so tired and feeling you haven’t accomplish anything.  Scheduling, and splitting fair time will give you a better answer. You have to start to appreciate every one of your efforts, even if the result is not what you expected. Even if you didn’t finish your goal, even if it got complicated on the way or something else came up, at the end of the week, you can allow yourself to thing that you wasted a WHOLE week, so appreciate you time, and how you invest it. Specially, if it is on yourself.

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