Software Projects and Products

Here are some software projects and products I’ve worked on.

  • 2018 Graduate Attribute Assessment System. (ongoing). (Javascript, NodeJS, mysql, Bootstrap, CSS)

This application is a web tool to support the collection and reporting of data for the accreditation process for the programs in the faculty of Engineering. Private Network.

  • 2017 – Processing infrastructure for models at runtime. (JUnit, Java, REST Services)

This project was part of my PhD dissertation to manage adaptation at execution time in self-adaptive software based in models at runtime. (/primor)

  • 2017 – Galapagos operational framework  (Java, REST, Component-based software)

This project was part of my PhD dissertation to defines a hierarchy of runtime semantics for software models that require adaptations at execution time. (/framework)

  • 2015 – SUSGroceries. Self-adaptive application for online grocery shopping (Android, Java, Sqlite)

This is an android application used as a proof of concept during my research of self-adaptive personalized smart application. This software was demoed at IBM.

  • 2014 – PALTask (Java, postgreSQL, RAKE, Javascript)

This is a web application developed in collaboration, used as a proof of concept during our research in personalized software. PALTask exploits personal context in a chat conversion providing personal web results.

  • 2012 – Component-Based Self-Adaptive Software Systems (JEE, EJB, Java J2SE, SCA, SCDL)

This project was part of my masters thesis. A component-based architecture to implement the basic elements required for self-adaptation: monitoring, analyzing, planning and executing for self-adaptive systems

  • 2009 – OLIB and DSpace plugins for Icesi University in Colombia (PHP, mysql)

This project was to develop customization plugins for the university for the digital library (DSpace) and the library software (OLIB). Plugins included connection to local databases, exchange of information between platforms, and custom pages to display information.

  • 2007 – Electronic wallet – micropayment system using RFID technology. (Java, SQL Server)

This project was the result of my undergraduate requirements for graduation. The electronic wallet was the development of a simple RFID reader communication driver to support the communication between the cash register and the payment method (RFID student card).

  • Software Languages including Javascript, NodeJS, Java, C#, HTML, SQL, Android, Oracle
  • Software Tools including Git, Eclipse, IntelliJ, Visual Code, Android Studio, MySQL Workbench, Balsamiq
  • Software Engineering methods and techniques including UML, HCI, Software Evolution, Cyber-Physical Systems, Smart Applications, Self-Adaptive Systems, Runtime Models

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