Curriculum Vitae

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I have ten years of experience as a university instructor in the area software engineering, mostly focused on courses teaching topics of analysis, design and development of software systems.  I follow the Active Learning approach. I am dedicated, committed and passionate about teaching. I enjoy creating interesting material for my classes, using relevant topics with my teaching tools, and engaging students to improve their learning experiences. I am proud of my administrative skills; I am considered by my colleagues as a leader, with systematic methods and practices.



  • PhD in Computer Science. University of Victoria. Canada. Dissertation: ¨Runtime modelling for user-centric smart cyber-physical-human applications¨. 2017
  • Magister in Information Technology and Telecommunications Management. Universidad Icesi. Colombia. Thesis: “A Reference Architecture for Component-Based Self-Adaptive Software Systems”. 2012


  • Systems (Computer) Engineering. Universidad Icesi – Colombia. 2001- 2007
  • Telematics Engineering. Universidad Icesi  – Colombia. 2001- 2007

Undergraduate Degree project (for both degrees): “Electronic wallet – micropayment system using RFID technology”. Development of a simple RFID reader communication driver.  Communication with the cash register and application development. Research and implementation


  • Certificate in Project Management (PMI) 96 hours. Icesi University. Colombia. 2008


  • University of Victoria. Canada. UVic Fellowship Grant Award. 2013.
  • IBM CAS Student Grant 2013, 2014.
  • Icesi University. Colombia. Dean’s list without merit scholarship: 2001-2, 2002-1, 2002-2, 2003-1, 2003-2, 2005-1, 2005-2, 2006-1
  • Icesi University. Colombia. Scholarship Icesi award (50% grant). 2001-1


  • Spanish (Native)
  • English Test Score IELTS General (September 2017)


  • Presenter in various conferences, workshops and meetings including CASCON, CSER, SEAMS, Dagstuhl, and IEEE Services during 2013 to 2017, where I often published papers related to my research during my PhD.
  • Participant in the 14th National Congress of students of engineering systems (CNEIS). University of Manizales. Colombia. March 2005
  • Organizer of the VII day online. Icesi University. Colombia. November 2005
  • Participant of the Congress of i2comm – Icesi University. Colombia. September 2006
  • Structured cabling, SIEMON COMPANY course. Colombia. March 2007
  • Seminar: Management of centres of support (service desk). IT SERVICE Ltda. Colombia. March 2007.


University of Victoria – Computer Science Department

September 2012 – 2017: Research Assistant in the Rigi Research group and collaborators

  • Conduct research in topics related with Cyber-Physical-Human Systems, Runtime Models, Self-Adaptive Context-Aware Software Systems, Smart internet, SAVI network, and Smart Interactions.

May 2016 – August 2017 : Teaching Assistant for the faculty of Engineering

  • Development of the Graduate Attributes Assessment System, a web tool to support the collection and reporting of data for the accreditation process.

Icesi University – Management of Services and Information Resources

February 2007 – July 2009: Technical Support Coordinator (Operations Office)

  • Coordinate the operations department. Head of projects of technical support, such as maintenance and adequacy of the workstations in offices, computer rooms and class rooms.
  • Standardization of the computational resources of the University to facilitate the administration.
  • Implementation of new technologies of hardware and software at the University.

May 2005 – February 2007: Software Developer (Software Development Office)

  • Software support for the OLIB software users in the library department.
  • Generate reports and solutions to problems of information based on management of databases.
  • Programming in Oracle environment.
  • Research for the development of technology projects to enhance the information systems of the University. Implementation and customization of the Digital Library, DSpace.


  • Digital library: Technical implementation of the Dspace tool for the Digital Library of Icesi University. Module development of integration between OLIB (implementation of library catalog) and Dspace for data synchronization. Thus achieving publication via the reference website of books acquired in the Icesi University, well as the availability of Digital Bibliographic resources outside of the campus making them available on the Internet.
  • System of requests for technical support: Implementing administrative tool Mantis to create a tracking system applications in the Helpdesk Office of Icesi University.
  • Implementing ITIL – Service Support: Administrative implementation of the ITIL methodology in the Technical support office at Icesi University, achieving standards, processes, procedures, tools, indicators and measurements of progress, and management agreements of service levels, 70% improvement in the effectiveness of the technical support service.
  • Centralized software implementation: Technical and administrative implementation of the Microsoft Softgrid tool for software distribution, reducing the mass installation of applications in the computing academic classrooms and in administrative computers.


(Here is a better list of the courses I’ve taught)

University of Victoria – Computer Science Department

  • September 2017 – Current : Sessional Instructor. Department of Computer Science
  • January 2013 – April 2015: Teaching Assistant.

Icesi University – Faculty of Engineering

  • July 2009 – September 2012: Full-time instructor. Department of information technology and communications
  • August 2007 – July 2009: Part-time instructor. Department of information technology and communications



Besides my work, I enjoy doing a variety of arts and crafts. Lately I’ve been attending PaintNite, which is an event of 2 hours, for painting. I proudly display the results of my arts and crafts in my home. Once I moved to Canada, I joined an online community to learn how to knit and crochet, an activity that is not very popular in Colombia and I am very happy to have learned. Every weekend my family and I go on different activities and adventures, we go hiking, visit new parks, swimming, or visit the local event around town. I enjoy being with friends, and I sometimes host board games and wings night. I like to bake but I am not very good right now, I am learning. Finally, I have a personal blog, active since 2006, where I write about life and topics related to events in my life.