It is time to pack

They say old times were better—maybe there is some truth for me about facebook.

Everything began in 2007, and now I think I have developed a terrible habit. Every time I start my computer, tablet or phone, I have this urge to open a tab with facebook. I open it, skim it, and read all the news feed, and for many occasions the feelings I have from it are not all nice.

Some times I get upset of all the stupid comments (according to myself) of some contacts, other times I feel out of place because I don’t share their point of view or their life style as expressed by some of them, and in other cases I feel nostalgic of not being there to share beautiful moments with family and friends— but at the end I find myself wasting a lot o time, sometimes more than I wished.

It should be easy and simple for me to control this terrible habit hat is becoming and addiction. On the one hand, self-control should be in my hands… but I find that deeply inside me I don’t really want to, and that is the real problem. I want to know what my friends and family are doing, being part of their lives, and make them be part of mine. On the other hand I could filter my contacts (or friends), but then is unfair because sometimes one gets caught between what is or isn’t politically correct, and hurt someone’s else feelings. Finally, I could use one of the many “productivity” apps and block facebook, but the thing is that is not a matter of technology but willpower.

The good, the bad and the ugly?

I don’t deny that it helped me to get in touch with friends and family, but when I think about it I ask myself if we are really connected, or it is just and illusion of a relationship that is not even shallow. It does fit for many of my contact but not for most of them. Also I keep up to date with some world events, but “some” is not enough in order to understand what is going on in the world, and I fell trapped and ignorant, like all those people who only know about the world for what they read no social media. I can’t be objective about life having such a narrow point of view, and expect it to be the truth.

I have stopped doing so many important things for my life like blogging because I believe I haven been wasting too much time on other irrelevant things like browsing on facebook. Writing is more valuable for me, and I fell that I am forgetting about it getting lost in a thread of news feeds. Sometimes I feel the need to comment, contribute, discuss, and at the end I end up inside this shallow world picking pictures to post, the links I want tot share and shutting down the things I want to say.

I want to have real conversations, call my friends, mi family, invite them to a bbq at my house, nachos, watch a movie, go to the beach or for a picnic, get together to paint. visit them in Colombia, Australia and the USA. I want to have a social life on 3D.

It is time to pack. Get together my contacts, find the way to keep in touch with them, delete every trace, unlink accounts, and once for all close my facebook account.

This will be the last update about the miscelanea through facebook… unless I relapse on my vice, addition or necessity. I just hope I don’t, but I can’t be naive and ignore that it might be a possibility.