In my house I didn’t learn about hate

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In Colombia we are filling up of hate.

Against the government, the politicians, the neighbor, the young, the old, the cashier, the guy at the bank, at the grocery store, the mail man, the “customer service”, the salesman, the beggar, the poor, the rich, …….. against every body.

With so much hate, how can we expect any space for hope, faith, comprehension, sympathy, patience, tolerance, and at the end love for others?

Being in Colombia during presidential election campaigns made me think about how much infected we are with hate in our country.

Having lunch with the family, witnessing how their political views made the dinning table an battle field, removed any appetite. The respect for the differences is forgotten,  it is like anybody that doesn’t share your view deserves all the accumulated hatred from  your own politics disappointment. Social networks turn into a slaughterhouse that are no way civilized nor even childish. In fact, the old saying “it looks like a street market” is not suitable anymore.

So much hate around can make anybody ill.

Everything becomes a reason to fight, everybody is in a defensive position, with fists up ready to counterattack. Three stones in hand.

“Don’t let them”, “Birdbrains”, “There most be a rich boy that wants your place”, “Bastards, how dare they to do that?” —- where some of the many reactions of at least 10 people, completely separated and unrelated, when I told them that had just received an email from the airline reporting a change on my itinerary.

I was breathless——why all this aggressiveness? why that instinct to jump for the jugular? Why judging and reacting with violence without even listening what it has to say the other part?

My reply to everyone was “don’t worry, I just have to make a phone call and that is it! there is no problem, I won’t have any problems”. And I didn’t, one phone call and they changed it for a more convenient itinerary. No fighting, no problems, no yelling, no complaining. On the contrary, a nice voice, serene, patience, and comprehensive. The sad part is that the one managing my flights was not a Colombian company… everyone said (and I believe it too) that this entry would have been lot different otherwise—- perhaps I would have had to fight after all.

How do we expect that we get peace, is children in our homes grow listening the adults with all these phrases of hatred and so little actions to make the country a better place?

We complain a lot, but we do so little…. If adults are setting the example, what example are we setting?

No wonder why we hear teenagers hating everything and everybody without even knowing them.

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