Appreciation for the stay-at-home-partner

There is no way I could be in my lab working on my thesis if it weren’t for my husband who is a hero now filling the role of stay-at-home-dad. There is so much appreciation for what he is doing that I often get short on moments to thank him for all the effort he is putting on taking care of our little one every day, plus taking care of me in between (food and a neck massage are some of his ways to care for me).

“Come on, lets go downstairs so mommy can sleep a little more” — these where the words I heard this morning around 6am when the little guy decided he was done with sleeping and between smiles and giggles he was announcing it was time to start the day. This was after the 5:30 dad-changing-soaking-wet-diaper and dad-feeding-baby events. I just rolled under the covers, the 3 hours of sleep I just had, after going to bed at 2am where not enough, and I was in the need of more. Truth is I couldn’t go back to sleep, but I did rest for a little more than a hour.

I finally got out of the bed, took a shower, gave myself a pep-talk of “lets do this! this is another day” and came downstairs. At the dinning table my amazing husband had made me breakfast, the little guy was playing in the living room with those eyes of “I guess it is time for me to nap now”

“Do you want to take him to his nap?” He asked me. “No, you do it” I said. It broke my heart, I am spending less time with my little guy, and as I refused to be with him he was there, in my husband’s arms smiling and giggling at me, so happy to see me. But I was so hungry at that point, the night before I got so caught up on what I was doing that I didn’t have dinner, my last meal was the day before at noon, I was starving and that ready-to-eat breakfast was right there. I regret at this point not going upstairs with my little man and get him to his bed.

I think on the sacrifice, but I also think on the soon to be a change of roles. Any time now I will be back to my role of stay-at-home-mom as soon as my husband returns to work, and while we find childcare I will have to manage baby during the day and school at night. Now it is the time to make the most of my time while my amazing husband is at home being a full-time parent for both of us. So, by 8am I was leaving my home and my guys, and heading back to the lab.

This is my lunch break, and since I am eating in my desk I decided to take time to compose a note of appreciation to all stay-at-home-parents that fulfill the amazing role of taking care of the little ones while their other half do whatever they need and have to do to make this family work. Thank you.

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